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Bale Knife - Loader Mount
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Bale Knife - Loader Mount

  • Slice bales up to 72" in diameter
  • Proprietary grabber holds and retains plastic and net wrap, eliminates “tail” dropping into mixer
  • Cuts down TMR processing time up to 30%
  • The BK60 and 72 have adjustable bumper to accommodate bales down to 48”
  • Individual bolt on knives for easy replacement
  • Minimum hydraulic pressure: 2700 PSI
Part Number Description BALE DIAMETER
BOKBKBale Knife Bolt On Kit 145
BK48LF48" Bale Knife (Less Frame)48601460
BK60LF60" Bale Knife (Less Frame)48-60601570
BK72LF72" Bale Knife (Less Frame)48-72722025
HK90Optional 90" Hose Kit c/w Flat Faced Couplers   
HK9090Optional 90" Hose Kit c/w 90° Flat Faced Couplers   
SHMKOptional Spring Hose Mount Kit