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6000 Series Silage Blade
  • View the main image of the 6000 Series Silage Blade
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6000 Series Silage Blade

  • Designed for articulated tractors only
  • Quick attach design
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Dual hydraulic angle cylinders
  • Dual manual jacks ensures easy hook up and safe storage
  • Hydraulic radial lift
  • Hydraulic tilt cylinder
  • Forward mounted hydraulic connectors for ease of connection
  • No tool quick attach locking pins secure the blade frame to the undermount
  • Reversible and replaceable 1060 carbon steel cutting edge
  • 63" high blade (42" high mouldboard, 21" high mesh guard)
  • Adjustable Skid shoes are standard
  • DMA undermount attaches to the tractor – custom designed for tractor model
  • DBA silage blade and frame, quick connect to undermount
Part Number Description APPROX. WEIGHT
DBA60001414’ Silage Blade5315
DBA60351414’ Silage Blade5220
DBA60501414’ Silage Blade5425
DBA60001616’ Silage Blade5660
DBA60351616’ Silage Blade5565
DBA60501616’ Silage Blade5770
DBA60001818’ Silage Blade6000
DBA60351818’ Silage Blade5905
DBA60501818’ Silage Blade6110
Weight is dependent on tractor model and configuration of the 6000 Series Silage Blade.
See your dealer about a DMA mount for your model tractor.