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Hydraulic Rotary Pick-up Broom
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Hydraulic Rotary Pick-up Broom

  • Ideal for cleaning up parking lots, construction sites, streets, curbs and gutters as well as parks and recreation areas etc.
  • Includes hydraulic hoses and flat-faced couplers
  • 26" diameter poly/steel bristle wafers
  • Direct motor drive on broom
  • Hydraulic requirements: 12-20 GPM @ 1500 - 3000 PSI
  • Front gauge wheel
  • Reversible broom rotation for sweeping away from doors etc.
  • Bucket features a replaceable hardened 3/4 x 6 double bevel cutting edge
  • Optional Dust Suppression Water Kit available
BOQBKFor mounts other than standard skidsteer please order150
BRB60BO50060" Wide Pick-up Broom13.71045
BRB72BO50072" Wide Pick-Up Broom16.41165
BRB84BO50084" Wide Pick-Up Broom19.21255
BRB96BO50096" Wide Pick-Up Broom21.91410
BRBWKDust Suppression Water Kit (25 gallons) c/w Spray Nozzle50