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Side Discharge Sand Bucket
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Side Discharge Sand Bucket

  • Minimum 12 GPM required
  • Made of same material as sawdust bucket
  • Baffle brace and beater to improve flow and keep weight off belt
  • 34"H x 50"L outside dimensions
  • Two hydraulic motors on discharge belt (72", 84" & 96" only)
  • Bolted adaptation for loader quick-tach. Easily convert to most loaders
  • For Outside Width add 2-1/2" to Inside Width dimension.
Click on a material button to see the Side Disharge in action
  • Sand
  • Soil
  • Gravel
  • Stone Dust
  • Crushed Stone
Part Number Description INSIDE WIDTH
SSB6060" Side Discharge - Sand602/31000
SSB7272" Side Discharge - Sand7211085
SSB8484" Side Discharge - Sand841 1/31175
SSB9696" Side Discharge - Sand961 2/31510
LP102468Optional Agitator Speed Control Valve - Factory Installed Only   
HK90Optional 90" Hose Kit c/w Flat Faced Couplers   
HK9090Optional 90" Hose Kit c/w 90° Flat Faced Couplers   
SHMKOptional Spring Hose Mount Kit   
Optional CAT 2 Three Point Hitch Mount c/w Tilting Cylinder