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Debris Grapple Fork
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Debris Grapple Fork

  • Two independent grapples
  • Replaceable tempered tines eliminate the need for a support bar at points which reduces lodging and jamming when emptying bucket
  • Designed to pick-up brush and other debris while leaving the dirt
  • 39" Conus II cranked Kverneland tines (32" usable length)
  • Cylinders completely protected from debris
  • Comes with 2-½" x 8" cylinders
  • 6" tine centres
Part Number Description WIDTH
SDB6666" Debris Grapple Fork66985
SDB7272" Debris Grapple Fork721025
SDB7878" Debris Grapple Fork781065
SDB8484" Debris Grapple Fork841105
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